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How innocent person can be sent to jail by Police

Haresh A. Raichura

The purpose of this article is to show shortcomings of our legal system because of which even a person as innocent as you can be sent to jail due to fabrication of evidences.

To make my point very clear and real, I will give an imaginary example to show how YOU also can be sent to jail if evidences are fabricated and your lawyer is unable to beat maze of laws.

I do not want to scare you unduly. Our system is fine and works well barring some exceptional cases.

But we must be aware about shortcomings in our system. Several Police reforms are suggested by Supreme Court, but they are not seeing light of day, because there is no demand from public for immediate police reforms. No political parties have promised police reforms. I wonder why.



It is now no more any secret that innocent people…

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Swarup Sarkar – The inspiration for many men and boys

The Male Factor

SwarupWhen he met her he felt he has got the best wife in his life. The first one year of his marriage was very fulfilling and enjoyable for him.

Hailing from a middle class Bengali family from a village called Bangaon in WB Swarup Sarkar was the only boy who has got an Engineering degree to his credit. No wonder why many girls’ fathers queued up with marriage proposals for their daughters.

He was a hardcore feminist before his marriage and believed in full freedom and independence of women but he never knew that the same belief would cost him dearly in his life.

His joy in marital life was shortlived and soon after his sister-in-law got married it was over. His in-laws started demanding money for their second daughter’s marriage and when he could not provide the same his own marriage was on rocks.

Sarkar’s pregnant wife who went…

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Beware! your mind is being controlled

The Male Factor

It does not matter how educated, intelligent, socially aware or established individual you are. Your mind can still be controlled remotely and that is how we are being manipulated today. If you don’t believe me, in this series I will show you with scientific experiments from reliable sources how your mind and thoughts are manipulated daily.

Before I begin, I will request you please be part of all scientific mind games I share in this article and experience how your thoughts can be manipulated. Please don’t proceed until you have gone through each experiment to understand how you can be manipulated. All the experiments are taken from National Geographic shows, they are short approximately two minutes duration so please don’t skip them.

In this first experiment I will show you how your decision making ability can be influenced. Take this small brain game and don’t proceed without completing this experiment…

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An open letter to Maneka Gandhi from a disgusted Indian man on National Policy for Women, 2016

The Male Factor


Maneka GandhiIt is not very happy moment for me as a man in India and I don’t feel like adding ‘Respected’, ‘Hon’ble’ before your name. But as a union minister probably I needed to add that. But after reading the latest draft National Policy for Women I am not able to add any of these as I clearly see your and your ministry’s hatred towards Indian males well reflected in the above policy. And yes I do not find anything to empower women rather than it being a comprehensive policy to destroy men as I shall explain in this letter.

The draft policy says it is your ministry’s vision to empowerment of women and I only wish the ministry knew what empowerment really meant. I shall try to capture my thoughts pointwise here –


Vote for Modi to Sack her for her anti male policies

Vote here


  1. The…

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Fathers Demand Parental Equality at U.S. Supreme Court

  Exactly five years after an oppressed father protested discrimination by burning himself alive on the steps of Keene County Family Court, four victimized fathers calmly walked up the steps o…

Source: Fathers Demand Parental Equality at U.S. Supreme Court

Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist and Engineer Join in Writ for Father Equality at U.S. Supreme Court

On the eve of Fathers Day this year, four professionals will assemble on the steps of the United States Supreme Court to file a writ for gender equality in our nation’s divorce and family courts. I…

Source: Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist and Engineer Join in Writ for Father Equality at U.S. Supreme Court